How to Download and Install Android 15 Beta on Nothing Phone 2

How to Download and Install Android 15 Beta on Nothing Phone 2


Android 15 Beta is now available for the Nothing Phone 2, offering users a chance to experience the latest features and improvements ahead of the official release. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the download and installation process for the Android 15 Beta on your Nothing Phone 2, along with a detailed overview of the new features and enhancements.

Key Features of Android 15 Beta

Private Space

Android 15 introduces a "Private Space" feature, allowing users to create a secure, isolated environment within their device. This space can be used to store sensitive data, separate work and personal apps, and enhance overall privacy.

Advanced Anti-Theft Protection

The new Advanced Anti-Theft Protection feature enhances the security of your device by making it harder for unauthorized users to reset or access your phone. It includes capabilities like remote lock, erase, and location tracking.

Enhanced User Interface

Android 15 Beta brings a refreshed user interface with smoother animations, improved notifications, and more intuitive gestures, providing a seamless user experience.

Battery Optimizations

Significant improvements in battery management help extend battery life. Android 15 uses advanced AI algorithms to optimize power consumption based on usage patterns.

Glyph SDK Support

Enhanced support for custom LED light patterns with the Glyph SDK provides more personalized notification options.

New Wallpapers and Boot Animation

Android 15 Beta includes new wallpapers and an updated boot animation for a modern and visually appealing look.

Known Issues

  • Fingerprint registration is not functional.
  • Face unlock is unavailable.
  • Certain pre-installed apps like Nothing X, Weather, Launcher, Recorder, and Widgets are missing.

How to Download and Install Android 15 Beta on Nothing Phone 2


Before you begin, ensure your device is updated to the latest version of Nothing OS 2.5.5 and that you have backed up all important data to avoid any potential loss.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Step 1: Update Your Device

Ensure your Nothing Phone 2 is running the latest version of Nothing OS 2.5.5. You can check this by navigating to Settings > About Phone > Software Information.

Step 2: Download the Android 15 Beta Package

Download the appropriate Android 15 Beta package for your device from the Nothing community website.

Step 3: Prepare the Installation

  1. Create a Folder: On your device's internal storage, create a folder named "ota" (without quotes).
  2. Transfer the File: Move the downloaded Android 15 Beta package into the "ota" folder.

Step 4: Initiate the Installation

  1. Open the Dialer: Launch the phone app and dial *#*#682#*#*.
  2. Launch the Update Tool: This code opens the local update tool which will automatically detect the OTA package in the "ota" folder.
  3. Select the Package: If the tool doesn't find the file automatically, browse and select the OTA package manually.

Step 5: Apply the Update

  1. Start the Update: Select "Directly apply OTA from selection" to begin the installation process.
  2. Reboot the Device: Once the update is applied, reboot your device to complete the installation.

Rolling Back to Android 14

If you encounter major issues or prefer to return to Android 14, you can download the rollback package from the same Nothing community website. Follow the same steps as the installation process to apply the rollback package.

Post-Installation Tips

Explore New Features

After installing the update, take some time to explore the new features and settings. Familiarize yourself with the new interface and enhancements.

Report Bugs

As this is a beta version, you may encounter bugs and issues. Use the built-in feedback tool to report any problems to help improve the final release.

Restore Data

If you performed a factory reset before installing the beta, now is the time to restore your data from the backup.


Installing the Android 15 Beta on your Nothing Phone 2 allows you to experience the latest features and improvements ahead of the official release. Ensure you follow each step carefully and back up your data to avoid any potential issues. Enjoy exploring the new features that Android 15 has to offer and contribute to the development of a more refined final version.

For more detailed information on Android 15 Beta features and updates, visit the official Android Beta Program website and the Nothing community.

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