Critics give mixed reviews to Jessica Alba's new Netflix movie, Trigger Warning. Some appreciate its entertainment value, while others find it generic.

Critics Give 'Trigger Warning' a Mixed Response: Jessica Alba’s Netflix Movie

Critics Give 'Trigger Warning' a Mixed Response: Jessica Alba’s Netflix Movie

A Polarizing Trigger Warning

Jessica Alba's new movie, Trigger Warning, has landed on Netflix, and it has certainly divided critics. While some appreciate its entertainment value, action, and Alba's performance, others find it generic and formulaic, falling short of elevating its genre. Released on June 21, the film marks Alba's return to action-packed roles and has sparked a range of reviews and reactions.

Trigger Warning: A Critical Perspective

Trigger Warning stars Alba as Parker, an active U.S. military officer who uncovers a criminal conspiracy involving a corrupt senator (played by Anthony Michael Hall) while dealing with her father's death. Critics have drawn comparisons to the Rambo franchise, with IndieWire's David Ehrlich noting a disconnect between Alba and her stoic, dissociated character. He describes Alba as "bored out of her mind," suggesting that the role lacks the charisma and energy expected from her performances.

The Execution of Trigger Warning

Reviews by Harvey and other critics focus on the film's plot contrivances and its failure to engage audiences emotionally. They attribute this to director Mouly Surya's uneven pacing and staging of the movie's action sequences. As Surya's first English-language feature, Trigger Warning is well-crafted but fails to leave a lasting impression, feeling more like a standard action thriller than a memorable, unique entry into the genre.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the script touches on politically relevant topics, such as dark web activities and immigration issues, but does so superficially, avoiding the potential for deeper exploration or commentary.

Is Trigger Warning Worth the Watch?

Despite mixed reviews, Trigger Warning might still appeal to viewers seeking a mindless, action-filled watch. Its female-heavy creative team and notable cast, including Gabriel Basso, Mark Webber, and Jake Weary, add to its appeal. While it may not be a standout in Alba's career, Trigger Warning could find success on Netflix, indicating that it might satisfy fans of the action genre.

Final Thoughts: A Matter of Taste and Expectations

Trigger Warning showcases Alba's versatility, but it's unlikely to be remembered as one of her most remarkable films. Ultimately, whether you enjoy it may depend on your taste for action movies and your expectations. Some viewers may find it an enjoyable, escapist watch, while others may be left wanting more depth and originality.

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